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Ashley Young

Travel Advisor

I grew up in Wellington New Zealand and with a passion for travel worked at Flight Centre as a travel agent. In 2013, in quest of beaches and warmer weather I moved across the ditch to Australia and have worked in the tourism industry since. Gold Coast was beautiful but I then got the opportunity to work at Sundowners and make the move down south. I love being a Travel Advisor, every day I assist clients in preparing extraordinary journeys and I cannot wait to get away on my own amazing adventure!  

What do you love most about overland travel?
I love that it is off the beaten path and we travel to areas that most people don’t think of first. But once they have a taste of the travel we do they regret they had never travelled there sooner.

Which of the Sundowners Overland destinations fascinates you most?
I think Mongolia is such an interesting country and holds a lot of history. I love that there is still a nomadic culture which our tours give you a sample of.

What is your most memorable travel experience?
My most memorable travel experience would have to be Thailand. It was such an eye opener and so different to my every day living. It is a place were things are so different yet the people are so content and happy. Never a dull moment in Thailand.

Which Sundowners Overland journeys are on your wish list and why?
I would love to do the Grand Asian Caravan. It covers the silk road as well as our overland destinations. It is a mixture of culture, religion and adventure. Who wouldn’t want to do this trip?

What is your favourite season to travel and why?
My favourite season to travel would be winter. I live in such a hot Country that we rarely ever experience minus temperatures and we hardly ever get to see snow!

Where have you travelled?
Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Kuala Lumpur, Fiji, Samoa and Rarotonga

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